Medicine from the Sun

All the potency and flavor of SunMed's sun-grown medical cannabis, available in flower, concentrate and infused products.

What's Unique About SunMed Packaging?

Our innovative induction seal preserves the overall freshness and quality of SunMed products. Combined with our child-proof, tamper-evident technology, we give every jar of flower and concentrate our seal of approval.

SunMed Packaging Guide

Coloring the Way

Strain Colors

  • Sativa

    A red label indicates a Sativa strain, commonly associated with energy.

  • Indica

    A purple label indicates an Indica strain, commonly associated with relaxation.

  • Hybrid

    A green label indicates a Hybrid strain, usually a cross of both Sative & Indica strains, commonly associated with a more balanced experience.

Product Colors

  • silver colored packaging capsule
    Traditional Pre-roll
  • black colored packaging capsule
    SunMed Slims
  • gold colored packaging capsule
    Infused Pre-roll
  • white colored packaging capsule
    Distillate Cartridges
  • green colored packaging capsule
    Live Resin Cartridges

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