Wow! This recent study suggests what we’ve known at SunMed all along -- sunlight is the best light! Full spectrum sunlight for plants grown outdoors resulted in more abundant and higher concentrated terpene profiles.


"Two cannabis growers have collaborated with Columbia University to compare the differences in natural and artificial cultivation. The study compared the metabolic profile of commercial cannabis from two different cultivars, grown indoors using artificial light and artificially grown media, with samples having identical genetics but grown outdoors in living soil with sunlight. "We found that in general, the sun-grown samples have less oxidized and degraded cannabinoids and more terpenes (quantity and type of terpenes), particularly the sesquiterpenes, than the genetically identical commercial samples grown indoors."


Full study can be found here >


SunMed’s state-of-the-art mixed light greenhouse utilizes both natural and LED light, but this year we also piloted our first ever outdoor grow! Check out our video walking you through the harvest process to see the power of the Sun in action.