We were honored to give the Connor Sheffield Foundation a behind-the-scenes look at our facility!

Connor Sheffield

Connor Sheffield preparing to embark on his first tour of SunMed Growers state-of-the-art cultivation facility. 


Connor Sheffield is a pediatric medical cannabis patient who has made it his mission to conduct plant-based medical research. Recently, he, along with his family and Foundation members, visited us at SunMed Growers, a locally owned medical cannabis cultivator and processor in Cecil County, Maryland.


Sheffield and company get a first-hand look at the beginning stages of the cannabis plant, before flower. 

It was a remarkable experience for Connor as he got a chance to see firsthand how medical cannabis is grown and processed in the state of Maryland. The tour was an educational and inspiring one, as Connor learned about the science behind cultivation and extraction. As Connor and company toured the SunMed Greenhouse, they were in awe at the scale of our operation and processes that move this much cannabis! 


Connor, his mother Tricia, and the Foundation Board Members touring the SunMed Greenhouse.

Connor's visit to SunMed Growers is an excellent example of the importance of awareness, advocacy, and education when it comes to plant-based medicine and cannabis. As a medical cannabis patient and advocate, Connor's mission is to fund and conduct research studies to help further the use of plant-based medicine safely. His visit to SunMed Growers proved to be a successful, educational journey where Connor, his family and his foundation members could learn more of the behind-the-scenes practices and nuances to the cannabis industry. Not only did they get to see the agricultural side and tour the greenhouse, but they also got a glimpse into the manufacturing side of trim and packaging.  


SunMed Growers President, Jake Van Wingerden, explains the innovation and  automation of SunMed’s pre-roll production and our partnership with Accelerant Manufacturing who makes the impressive machine.


And here, our Green Vault Systems machine packaging our pre-packed eighth and quarter cups.



The Connor Sheffield Foundation witnesses one of the last step for final packaging– an automated line for applying tamper-evident heat seals to SunMed products. 

Medical cannabis has been found to be effective in treating various medical conditions such as chronic pain, epilepsy, and anxiety. Connor relies on cannabis as medicine. However, there is still a need for more research to be conducted to understand the full potential of plant-based medicine. And that's why the work of Connor's foundation is so critical.


Free smells of SunMed Labs live resin are included as part of the tour. 



Compliance Manager, Justin Garcia, explains some of the intricacies of running a cannabis processing lab in the state of Maryland.  

Connor's passion for conducting research and promoting awareness about plant-based medicine is truly inspiring. His visit to SunMed Growers is a testament to his commitment to learning and understanding the science behind medical cannabis. We hope that Connor's mission will inspire others to support the use of plant-based medicine and to promote further research into its potential benefits. 



Connor’s last stop on the tour - the vault! Smiling as he shares his love for one of his favorite products SunMed has to offer: the AIRO vape!

In conclusion, Connor Sheffield's visit to SunMed Growers was an excellent opportunity for him to learn more about medical cannabis and how it is produced and for us to  learn more about his incredible advocacy work. It is essential to promote awareness, advocacy, and education when it comes to plant-based medicine to help further the use of medical cannabis safely. Connor's dedication to this cause is truly inspiring and will undoubtedly lead to positive changes in the field of medical cannabis research. We look forward to continuing to work together to create a better canna-community!



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