Earlier this year, SunMed participated in thePicnic Table Mural project at Mana Supply Co. in Edgewater, Maryland. Mana centers everything they do around their community and this project was no different.

Kianna White-Harmon, General Manager of Mana Supply Co. and Tiffany Benincasa-Powell, Community Outreach Manager at Mana created the Picnic Table Mural Project to celebrate the connection of art, cannabis, and community. This project featuring local artists is one of several initiatives they have this year geared towards community engagement.

"Our 2023 goal is to continue building on this through creative ways to interact and engage with our community. Our first mission is to create a unique space on our Edgewater location's field for patients and community members to gather."

SunMed was lucky enough to be paired with an amazing local artist and patient, Sam Miller! We were thrilled to be part of her creative process in creating something that was beautiful, educational, and celebrated all things sun-grown cannabis! 

Sam is also an amazing member of the Mana Supply team where she not only budtends and provides access to amazing medicine like our award winning pre-rolls, but also has a space to let her passion for art shine. Sam is the resident artist of Mana that helps design their own art board with featured products and "Budtender Picks," with the team's favorite strains. 

With Sam's excitement and enthusiasm for art, Kianna and Tiffany knew the mural project was just for her. 

"I wanted SunMed's table to be different than anything else. I wanted people to not only engage in the style and look of it but I wanted them to learn and take something away from it too," Sam said. 

The idea behind SunMed's table is inspired by our 'Greenhouse to Home' design that shows every step of the cultivation, extraction, and packaging process. (Send us a message on Instagram if you'd like a copy of this poster!)  

Sam used this inspiration and spun it into something even more fun and new!

"I used brighter colors to draw the viewers attention to the things that really represent SunMed - like the Maryland flag! SunMed is the only Maryland based company that grows all sun-grown flower and I think it is important for people to know that. Not only is it who they are but it also is about what they offer and that is why I made the product packaging as realistic as possible," says Sam. 



The tables were revealed at Mana's Spring Fest in May of this year and these tables were the star of the show! SunMed's fabulous table became the highlight of the day and had all the patients talking. 

SunMed is one of three brands to help launch this Picnic Table Mural project and Mana says they plan to continue offering opportunities for brands to engage with their amazing canna-community and that the tables are only the beginning!

Help us give a big shoutout to Mana Supply in Edgewater and Middleriver and support your local artists and dispensaries!