CEO Reggie Harris tells the story of House of Kush and what partnership with SunMed means to them.

House of Kush genetics are growing currently in six states but their latest partnership is with SunMed Growers in Warwick, Maryland, one of the largest cultivators in the state.

“We looked to see who’s the biggest and the best, who’s got the best reputation for growing, who’s got the volume capacity that we can grow with,” Harris said.

Once House of Kush’s genetics were in SunMed’s Maryland greenhouse, the cultivation team grew plants from them and started a pheno hunt to determine which ones would become mother plants.

Characteristics SunMed looked for included bud structure, leaf-to-bud ratio, resin production and aroma.

“We’re also doing some preliminary THC testing. It’s got to be in the mid- to high 20s from a THC standpoint for it to be commercially viable, because that’s what the market wants,” SunMed’s Van Wingerden said.

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Not only is House of Kush rooted in science and based on legacy strains but they are certain on preserving the history and integrity of the past for the future.

"Being a minority-owned company we are keenly aware of the differences in how our culture has been impacted over the years and it is a goal of ours to not only collaborate where possible in the industry but also educate ones on how to participate in the legal industry and thrive in it," Harris said.

SunMed Growers is proud to say they're partners with HoK and they look forward to helping them grow in 2023 and the years to come. 

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