SunMed is committed to creating a greener cannabis community.

The use of plastic packaging in the cannabis industry has become a growing concern due to its impact on the environment. With the cannabis industry expanding rapidly, especially here in Maryland, it's important to consider the sustainability of packaging materials. Many cannabis products are packaged in plastic containers, bags, and tubes, which can take hundreds of years to decompose, contributing to pollution and environmental damage.


As we celebrate Earth Day, it's important to remember that we all have a responsibility to protect the planet. This includes the cannabis industry, which should be looking for ways to source non-plastic alternatives for their packaging needs. And that is why SunMed Growers and SunMed Labs have made a serious commitment to sourcing more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging for our products. 

One option is to use biodegradable packaging made from plant-based materials such as hemp or cornstarch. SunMed's tubes for pre-rolls, vapes, and infused pre-rolls are all made from rice husk! These materials are renewable, compostable, and biodegradable, which makes them a more sustainable alternative to plastic packaging. Other options include glass jars or metal tins, which can be reused or recycled.


Sourcing non-plastic alternatives may require additional investments and research, but the benefits of reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability are worth the effort. We're proud of our latest innovation with the packaging of our very first edible - Sunnies! - which will be packaged in an industry leading biodegradable pouch made from wood pulp. Our greenest package yet! We can't wait for Marylanders to try them.

On this Earth Day, let's all do our part to be more friendly to the environment and we promise to do ours!