We compiled the go-to list of 7 reasons SunMed Growers should be your favorite cannabis grower in Maryland. Let's dig in.

1. Locally owned, and locally grown

SunMed Growers is a Maryland only company founded by long time Marylander and 3rd generation greenhouse grower, Jake Van Wingerden. Our beautiful facility is located in Cecil County and we’re proud to be a local company. When it comes to cannabis, Marylanders agree local is better  - especially in a market dominated by BIG cannabis. There’s no corporate office in a far away state or 1-800 number to call for customer service. You can always speak to us directly and we love hearing from our patients and dispensaries!

 Harvest to Home

2. Natural light = the best light!

Cannabis is a plant, and plants love the sun! SunMed proudly grows its cannabis in a hybrid “Dutch-style” greenhouse, which is a fancy way of saying high-tech and covered in glass! We are one of only a few growers in Maryland to use natural, full spectrum sunlight instead of relying solely on artificial lights, hence our calling card “medicine from the sun” - not a windowless warehouse. Plus, recent studies actually confirm that natural light creates a better medicine! Sunlight delivers more terpenes, more alternate cannabinoids, and a more holistic medicine.

 SunMed's Greenhouse

3. Affordable and Available

SunMed is here to make cannabis affordable for all Maryland patients. We became the largest grower in the state so that we could provide a high quality medicine at a reliable, affordable price to every corner of the state. We believe in the power of innovation and automation to drive processes, like packaging, to create a low cost, uniformly made product. Efficiencies like this allow us to take our time where it counts like delicately hand-trimming every bud! From Cumberland to Cambridge, from Baltimore to Hyattsville, we deliver every week to ensure there is access to affordable flower and concentrates. People say bigger is better, and at SunMed, we believe bigger is better for your wallet. 

4. WIDE Product Selection

The other advantage of a larger growing space is having room for variety! In fact, SunMed Growers is home to over 150 unique strains and with SunMed Labs, we can combine them to create endless combinations of live and cured resin products. In 2022, we swept the Baltimore Sun Best of Medical Marijuana Contest for Best Preroll, Best Vape, and Best Shatter/Wax, while taking Runner Up for Best Flower.  SunMed Growers and SunMed Labs has a flower, dab, or infused preroll for every occasion and every cannabis connoisseur.

SunMed Packaging GuideBaltimore Sun Best of 2022

5. Best-in-Class Concentrates

SunMed Labs entered the market in December 2021 and quickly become a leading concentrate brand in Maryland because of the quality of our extracts. Guided by over a decade of cannabis lab experience, SunMed Labs turns our sun-grown flower into potent medicine and beautiful dabbable art. We never use CRC (color remediation) on any of our live or cured resin products, and all flower used in extraction is hand-selected by our Lab Director for ideal terpene and cannabinoid profiles. SunMed Labs has also recently expanded into a brand new space built from the ground-up as the premier BHO extraction and commercial kitchen space. 

 ShatterDiamonds and Sauce

6. Home to the Brands You Love


SunMed produces and packages so much more than just SunMed branded products at our facility. We’re proud to be the exclusive partners of some of Maryland’s favorite cannabis brands like Cookies, AIRO, and House of Kush! These partnerships to us, represent trust. Trust in our ability to deliver the quality synonymous with their international brands! We  take equal care for every Kush Certified, Cookies Authenticated, and AIRO made product as if it were our own - because it is!.

 CookiesAiro Brands

7. Commitment to Sustainability

SunMed believes in environmental stewardship, which is why we grow in a greenhouse, using closed looped irrigation, in soil we make in-house.

Our Soil

2023 opened with an even bigger commitment from SunMed: sustainable packaging for a greener cannabis industry. Our first initiative is a new tube for for prerolls, vapes, and infused concentrates made with biodegradable rice husk - just like our soil! We believe this should help reduce the amount of plastic generated by the cannabis industry. We also have a lineup of new products being released in packaging made from biodegradable wood pulp! Every little step counts.

 Biodegradable Packaging 

In conclusion...

We hope you share this list with fellow cannabis enthusiasts in Maryland and spread the good word that SunMed Growers should be your favorite grower!