Let's take a look at our favorite products from the month of May that came from our greenhouse, lab, and kitchen!

Scroll through our favorites for unique info like lineage, cannabinoid profile, and dominant terpenes!


From Our Greenhouse:


Our greenhouse has been loving the shift to warmer weather! If you don’t believe us – just take a look. Our first feature is running back-to-back months because it’s been a HUGE hit! A fan-favorite hybrid strain, our Chem De La Chem is back still putting up numbers in the 30’s. A perfect strain for any part of your day, chock full of limonene.




Another classic hybrid is also getting it’s shine this month. Pebblewreck, who has been with us for a while now, is proving why it is such a consistent go to – with cannabinoids reaching to the 30’s, this strain still has some youthful spirit to it!




Don’t worry, we were able to sneak a pre-roll here for those wondering! An Indica at that too for all you evening/night time users out there. It may not be divine intervention, but it is Divine Kush Breath! The perfect nightcap to send you off into a sweet slumber.




From Our Lab:


The lab has been keeping up with demand AND variety this month, offering a wide selection of strains and products! First, we have our Purple Apricot Shatter, a very potent indica, perfect for those who like to take “one last dab” before bed.




If vapes or more your speed, then we have something for you! It may be your super-hero – it’s Super Sour Diesel. A coveted sativa, Super Sour Diesel is available in our premium, disposable vapes! The perfect way to start your day.


PSA: Did you know our disposable vapes are rechargeable!? Look for the SML atom symbol located on the bottom of the battery, pop it off and boom brand new life is given to your vape to get every last drop of that delicious oil.




Lastly, for those med patients that like to mix their cannabis in anything and everything, we have more RSO! This Lemon Meringue RSO is the perfect Sativa Startup to your day. Who doesn’t love their coffee with a side of RSO!?




From Our Kitchen:


Nothing better than the sweet smell of a baked good, and the SunMed kitchen is making sure that experience never becomes a memory! Starting off with our Snickerdoodle bites, the perfect cinnamon-sweet treat with 10mg a pop. Curbs both your sweet-tooth and your canna-tooth – all in one!




If sweets is your style, but you’re more of a candy person, then don’t slow down now cause these’ll pass you by FAST! Fast Acting that is! Our Sunnies Fast Acting Gummies give you a quick little zip to your endocannabinoid system, as well as a slight sugar rush! The ultimate one-two. With a variety of fruit-forward flavors to choose from, you’ll be able to find something just right.




Now for those who just want a little snack, and not the full dessert, we also offer two-packs of your favorite Sunnies baked good. Whether it’s brownies or snickerdoodles, our two-pack can live as an easy add on to a regular order or as your regulated snack bag that also gives you a THC boost!




Thank you all for tuning in to the May's Favorites blog! 


If you have any questions regarding where to purchase any of these products, please reach out to one of our SunMed Reps!