Let's take a look at our favorite products from the month of June that came from our greenhouse, lab, and kitchen!

Scroll through our favorites for unique info like lineage, cannabinoid profile, and dominant terpenes!

From Our Greenhouse:

The first month of the summer is over, and we are still pumping out some HEAT! To start us of, we a SunMed favorite. KMAC has been with us for a while now, supporting the people as they always need another indica option for their nighttime rituals. With myrcene and caryophyllene leading the pack in terps as well as THC reaching in the upper 20s . . . your nighttime routine shouldn’t be a problem!


For all you Terpinolene lovers out there, boy, do we have a pre-roll for you! Our Hazy Kush strain has been making a name for itself. Offering that same, lovely terpinolene taste and effect in a more hybrid-foucsed option – this strain/pre-roll is the perfect pairing to whatever part of your day needs it the most.


Round us out in the Greenhouse, it’s not Sunday, but we can do bunch any of the week with this fan-favorite! Mimosa is a beautiful, bright and citrusy hybrid strain that is a great smoke whether it’s a Sunday Brunch with friends or you just want to make any old day a little bit zestier!


From Our Lab:

BIG month of June in the lab! Seeing as how rec customers can start getting concentrates come July – the gears have been CHURNING in the lab to make sure we are ready to go with a slew of Live Resin products for all the dabbers out there. Whether it’s a dab, a vape or an Infused Pre-Roll – you’ll have something with the SunMed name on it that is just your style!

Starting off with the dabbing option – our Burnt Orange Live Resin Batter is the perfect concentrate to choose for your nighttime dabs! With a strong Indica terp profile leading off with a high myrcene count, this Burnt Orange will give the perfect combo of melting into your pillow, but still giving you a little limonene burst to get your neuro-activity going in your dreams.


Our Strawberry Double Cross has stood out amongst other LR Vapes as the cream of the crop! A wonderful hybrid option for those who like to be a little more discrete on their smoke. We didn’t skimp on the terps either, with this bad boy reaching up to almost 10% in total!


Now for the pre-rollers, we have been DUSTING the competition with our brand-new Diamond Duster infused pre-rolls. Take everything you love about a regular pre-roll – and add some tiny little diamond pebbles to BOOST that potency! This month, the Peach Crescendo has been flying. Find your Diamond in the rough today!


From Our Kitchen:

The kitchen has been spending the month of June fine-tuning some new recipes. Between Grandma’s old cookbook and our Head Chef Matt – were bringing a new spin to some old classics!

If you want a delight in every bite, then we got something for you! Sunnies new Lemon Bites are bringing the sweet, bright flavors of lemons, without all the lip-puckering sourness! Think of it as Mom-mom’s lemon bar meets the cannabis industry!


The next new Sunnies baked good we have on the menu now are these buttery, delicious Sunnies Chocolate Chip Blondie Bites! Bake a trip down memory lane with this chocolatey spin on a staple sweet treat.


Last but not least, if decadence is your name then these Sunnies Dark Chocolate Caramel Truffles are your game! First, it’s the bitter, yet sweet bite of the rich, dark chcolate, but then, it’s followed by a sticky burst of caramel that really hits you with a one-two punch of Sunnies sweetness!


Thank you all for tuning in to the June's Favorites blog! 


If you have any questions regarding where to purchase any of these products, please reach out to one of our SunMed Reps!