Let's take a look at our favorite products from the month of April that came from our greenhouse, lab, and kitchen!

Scroll through our favorites for unique info like lineage, cannabinoid profile, and dominant terpenes!

From Our Greenhouse:

Exciting times in the greenhouse these days! Our Chem De La Chem has been a huge fan favorite this month! I mean look at those numbers!

We've also added some more strains to our SunMed Pre-Ground collection, including the delectable Strawberry Candy #4. It's a 10g, pre-ground pouch that comes with papers AND filters!? Yup, you heard it right! Accessibility at its finest.

Lastly from the grow, we started putting out singular 0.5 pre-rolls, just for those that want something quick to grab! Our Peach Crescendo has been the main star of those, leaving everyone on a high-note! 




From Our Lab:

Needless to say our lab has been working hard this month to put out some top quality products! Some new Live Resin products are in the mix now, including our Devil Runtz in a new Live Resin Sugar form as well as the tried and true Gary Payton Live Resin Batter.

Are you a 1g or a baller jar kinda person? We also came out with a new spin of an Infused Pre-Roll! Our Diamond Duster Pre-Roll rolled out this month with Apples and Bananas being the diamond in the rough.

We are also still producing Live Resin Cartridges for all you 510 stans out there! Wedding Cheesecake is a strong indica that has stood out amongst the rest this month.



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From Our Kitchen:

LOTS of new stuff from the kitchen in April! First off, lets address the huge drop we had this month AKA Keef Classic Soda! This crisp, refreshing beverage took the state by storm this month with 5 unbelievable flavors including: Blue Razz, Purple Passion, Orange Kush, Bubba Kush Root Beer and Original Cola! Just in time for the Summer Heat.

In case you missed the solar eclipse this month, we got you covered with a new ratioed Sunnies Gummy! Sunnies Eclipse is here to serve up some THCV, a lesser talked about cannabinoid that is all the rage right now. THCV has been known to help curb the cravings of THC, mostly appetite, in small amounts!

We also cooked up something new for those Sweet-toothers! Dark Chocolate Caramel Truffles are the new hotness right now! Sweet, decadent chocolate stuffed full of ooey, gooey caramel. Who doesn't want a bite of that!?




Thank you all for tuning in to the April's Favorites blog! 

P.S. Happy Belated 4/20, we SURVIVED!

If you have any questions regarding where to purchase any of these products, please reach out to one of our SunMed Reps, Brianna or Erin.