In the last few years, western medicine is finally starting to recognize the pain relieving benefits of cannabis, with many studies now backing up a practice that’s thousands of years old.

At SunMed Growers, we believe that the powers of cannabis are best amplified when grown naturally. Through careful cultivation in our state-of-the-art Dutch greenhouse, we've curated a selection of cannabis strains that patients report offer potent pain relief. 

Let’s take a look at 12 standout strains reported by users to alleviate pain.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be a medical or therapeutic claim.

1. Laughing Gas

Strain crosses: Cherry Pie x Sour Diesel
Type: Hybrid

Topping our list of the best cannabis strains for pain is "Laughing Gas.” This Cookies brand hybrid, nurtured under the warm embrace of the Maryland sun in SunMed's innovative greenhouses, presents a vivid green palette highlighted with glints of light gold. Laughing Gas is widely reported to make people feel light and giggly in addition to offering pain relief to some. 

 Laughing Gas cannabis strain growing in SunMed's greenhouse

2. Purple Sunset

Strain crosses: Purple Punch x Mandarin Sunset
Type: Indica

Next up is the enchanting "Purple Sunset." This Indica-dominant strain is bathed in rich purple hues reminiscent of a tranquil evening sky. Beyond its captivating appearance, Purple Sunset users report a powerful capacity for pain relief, making purple sunset a great strain for pain on rest days and in the early evening.

3. GMO

Strain crosses: Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies
Type: Indica

Delving deeper into our lineup, we introduce the robust "GMO." This Indica is a testament to the power of nature and science working in harmony, and it’s a staple at SunMed. GMO, despite its technological-sounding name, is nature's gift to those seeking formidable pain relief. Its Indica lineage helps foster a deep-rooted tranquility. It’s a popular choice for relieving chronic pain and nausea.

GMO cannabis strain in SunMed packaging

4. Blood Moon

Strain crosses: EmergenC x Kush Mints
Type: Hybrid

Next up we have another Cookies strain, "Blood Moon." A fusion of the best attributes from its parent strains, EmergenC and KushMints, Blood Moon is said to provide strong pain-relief. The balanced harmony of its genetics helps users stay alert while their body relaxes, letting them manage pain without feeling tranquilized. 

 Close up of cannabis strain Blood Moon

5. Apples & Bananas

Strain crosses: (Platinum Cookies x Granddaddy Purple) x (Blue Power x Gelatti)
Types: Hybrid

Adding a touch of whimsy to our list of pain-relieving cannabis, "Apples & Bananas" is another Cookies brand strain that’s a testament to the eclectic fusion of benefits hybrids bring to the table. Its unique blend channels the strength of its lineage to aid in pain relief. The dynamic genetic profile of this strain offers a dual-action approach. Users report it uplifts your mood while relaxing your body.

 Cannabis strain Apples and Bananas

6. White Runtz

Strain crosses: Zkittlez x Gelato
Type: Hybrid

White Runtz is a formidable contender in the realm of pain management. This Indica-dominant gem, nurtured to perfection in SunMed's Maryland greenhouses, sports tasty terpenes and is said to induce a tingly euphoria. Known for its reportedly relaxing and euphoric effects, this strain’s dominant terpene, caryophyllene, is thought to have anti-inflammatory benefits. For those weary of pain's persistent grip, White Runtz extends a comforting hand, easing your discomforts and bringing a sparkling outlook with it.

7. Emergen-C

Strain crosses: Orange Push Pop x Sunset Sherbert
Type: Hybrid

Next up in our guided tour of top-tier cannabis strains for pain relief is "Emergen-C." A vibrant hybrid of its Indica and Sativa roots, Emergen-C is another Cookies brand strain that users say provides a deeply relaxing body high balanced with the uplifting mental effects of a Sativa. For those seeking an alert, focused respite from their discomfort, Emergen-C could be the right choice.

8. Snoop Dogg OG

Strain crosses: Lemon OG x Sour Diesel
Type: Indica

Next up, is the iconic "Snoop Dogg OG." With a namesake as legendary as the rapper himself, this Indica-dominant strain carries a weight of expectation — and it doesn't disappoint. Snoop Dogg OG offers a depth of relief that resonates deeply with those battling persistent discomfort. Its rich Indica roots provide a deep body high characterized by a relaxed and tingly feeling layered on top of its pain relieving effects. The strain is said to help relieve anxiety while delivering a surge of creativity followed by a state of deep focus. 

 Close up of Snoop Dogg OG

9. Perfect Cell

Strain crosses: Filthy Animal x Cactus Breath
Type: Hybrid

Perfect Cell is a hybrid that harmoniously combines the strengths of both its Indica and Sativa ancestors into cannabis strain that can users say can address pain from multiple angles. Perfect Cell is reportedly a good antidote to muscle tension and strain. 

 SunMed Perfect Cell Cannabis Strain in SunMed Packaging

10. Northern Lights

Afghani x Thai

Among the luminaries in this curated selection, "Northern Lights" shines with particular brilliance. Hailing from a lineage that is nothing short of legendary, and carefully cultivated in SunMed's Maryland greenhouses, this Indica-dominant strain has long been revered in the cannabis community for its resin-rich buds and fast flowering period. With a sweet and spicy aroma, often reminiscent of fresh pine, Northern Lights users say it provides instant relaxation and the urge to sleep

11. Ice Cream Cake

Wedding Cake x Gelato #33

Much like the dessert it's named after, Ice Cream Cake is a soothing treat for the senses. Its rich Indica lineage is said to act swiftly, melting away the discomfort and tension of the day. The effect is a deep-seated relaxation in the mind and body reported to alleviate pain and allow users to drift into a serene state.

 Bud of Ice Cream Cake Cannabis Strain

12. Double Cross

Moonbow #73 x Face Off OG

Last but not least is the intriguingly named "Double Cross." Harnessing the deep-seated tranquility that Indicas are renowned for, it delves deep to reportedly unroot the most persistent aches and discomforts. Double Cross has a reputation for relieving chronic pain and is suggested for those with some of the most serious chronic discomforts, such as those caused by fibromyalgia and arthritis.

Best Cannabis Strains for Pain FAQs

What is the Best Cannabis Strain for Pain?

Our favorite cannabis strain for pain is "Laughing Gas." Cultivated with precision by SunMed, users not only report that this vibrant hybrid provides pain relief, it also reportedly offers an uplifting and joyful experience that's true to its name. 

How Does Cannabis Help with Pain?

Cannabis is thought to alleviate pain by interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system to block pain signals. According to Marijuana as Medicine, “Peripheral nerves that detect pain sensations contain abundant receptors for cannabinoids, and cannabinoids appear to block peripheral nerve pain in experimental animals.” Various cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, work synergistically within this system, providing relief by modulating neurological pathways involved in pain perception.

Does Cannabis Help with Chronic Pain?

Yes, cannabis has been shown to provide relief for many individuals suffering from chronic pain. While more research is needed, there have been some significant studies over the years, including one study that “showed a 64% reduction in opioid use amongst chronic pain patients who used medical marijuana.” In another study of 984 chronic pain patients, “two-thirds of patients reported pain relief as the main benefit of marijuana use.”

What Are the Terpenes In Cannabis and How Do They Affect Pain?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds in cannabis that contribute to its scent and flavor, and they’re reported to play a role in enhancing the pain-relieving properties of cannabinoids. 

A 2021 study from the University of Arizona Health Sciences found evidence that terpenes contribute to an “entourage effect,” or the theory that some compounds in the cannabis plant will boost its healing effects without adding to the psychogenic effects of THC.

What Are the Side Effects of Using Cannabis for Pain?

While cannabis can be effective for pain relief, potential side effects include dizziness, dry mouth, increased heart rate, and altered cognitive function. It’s important to know that some members of the scientific community have called out the need for more research on side effects, observing that they are understudied. It's essential for users to start with low doses and consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best approach for their individual needs.

Is It Safe to Use Cannabis for Pain If I’m Taking Other Medications?

Cannabis can interact with certain medications, so it's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before combining cannabis with other drugs. Understanding potential interactions can help ensure safety and efficacy in pain management.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis for Pain? 

Since 2018, SunMed Growers has been cultivating top-of-the-line medical cannabis for the people of Maryland. Offering all 12 of the therapeutic strains mentioned above, we can find the perfect product for you and your ailments. To discover the power of sun-grown cannabis in your pain relief journey, visit one of our dispensaries today.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended to be a medical or therapeutic claim.