The SunMed Labs Promise

SunMed Labs is committed to providing the highest quality concentrates, combining sun-grown flower with our cutting-edge extraction technology to retain the natural profiles of each cultivar.

Our mission is to leverage state-of-the-art greenhouse cultivation and years of practiced cannabis lab experience to deliver the cleanest, most pure medicine for Maryland patients.


SunMed Labs’ product offerings include everything under the sun from concentrates to vapes to edibles!

SunMed Labs Edibles

SunMed’s signature line of Sunnies edibles are crafted exclusively with our sun-grown flower, delivering natural, full-spectrum flavor in every bite.

SunMed Labs Vapes

Explore the effects and flavors of your favorite sun-grown flower in our carefully curated vapes and cartridges.

SunMed Labs Concentrates

Extracted from SunMed’s sun-grown flower, our concentrates deliver elevated cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids with the true-to-strain potency and flavor of cannabis cultivated in full-spectrum sunlight.

SunMed Labs Live Resin Infused Pre-Rolls

Our infused pre-rolls are crafted with SunMed’s sun-grown flower and saturated with 100% pure, full-spectrum live resin oil to provide unmatched levels of each strain’s original terpenes and cannabinoids.

Sun. Science. Smooth

The launch of SunMed Labs marks a turning point for our SunMed family, with the expansion of our world-class cultivation facility to include a state-of-the-art extraction lab. Our promise to Maryland patients remains no less than growing and crafting the highest-quality concentrates and infused products on the market in Maryland. SunMed Labs’ product offerings include everything under the sun from sugars to shatters to batters to cartridges – in both live and cured resin.


Our SunMed Labs Team

Our Team

The team we've assembled for SunMed Labs has and will continue to set a new standard for high quality concentrates in Maryland. Our promise to our Maryland patients is to build on the scale of success with high-quality, highly affordable concentrates and infused products that are available in dispensaries across the state.