We’re on a mission.

Sun-grown cannabis is the most holistic and organic alternative available today for patients who prefer more natural treatment protocols for chronic illness and pain. At SunMed Growers, our mission is to deliver for patients the safest and most natural alternative medicine using the most technologically advanced and sustainable biological processes. 

A marriage of science, passion and sustainability

SunMed Growers is at the forefront of constantly evolving greenhouse technologies that lower our carbon footprint while providing Maryland patients with medicine grown from the sun.

Our commitment to sustainability includes:

  • Closed-loop, zero runoff irrigation
  • Natural, integrative pest management
  • Renewable, organic soils
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling systems

The power of natural sunlight

SunMed flower consistently tests higher for terpenes, the real driver behind the taste and smell of our product. Full-spectrum natural sunlight, compared to artificial or indoor lighting, brings out the most terpenes in the cannabis flower.