Employee Training

SunMed’s team is our greatest strength. Responsible for ensuring strict adherence to rigorous safety and quality standards, employees are thoroughly trained on sanitation, safety, hygiene and pest control protocols.

Facility Cleanliness & Organization

SunMed’s state-of-the-art facility is maintained with stringent cleanliness standards, which is maintained with the structure of the facility and our staff and the processes that drive it.  The facility boasts full-time maintenance and section specific sanitation staff, with limited access between facility rooms and teams to minimize chance of cross-contamination. We take sterile to the next level with growing practices like individual tools for each mother plant and UV-C light to prevent mold and mildew in flower. Materials handling tech like the tables and conveyor belts are built in across the greenhouse to limit the number of times a plant or bud is ever touched by human hands.

Advanced Pest Control

In addition to regular internal inspections and tech systems with monitoring and immediate reporting mechanisms, our all-natural, integrative pest management strategies ensure plants remain pest and pesticide free.

Equipment Maintenance & Calibration

SunMed’s full-time, in-house maintenance team regularly monitors, cleans and calibrates the innovative control systems and equipment that allow us to create a precise, safe and sanitary environment for cannabis cultivation. This includes everything from our scales, to our closed-loop irrigation, and every growing and packaging tool in between. We ensure surfaces and tools are cleaned sterilized between every batch of every strain!

Safety Protocols in Extraction

SunMed’s Extraction Technicians are equipped with protective gear, assuring both their safety and the integrity of our products. We've also built one of the largest C1D1 extraction booths in the state, which allows technicians to safely handle volatile solvents like butane.

Product Testing

Beyond our internal quality controls, SunMed products undergo rigorous third-party testing to meet and exceed industry standards. SunMed Labs has also invested in internal testing technologies that allow us to spot check products for potency and consistency through each phase of production.

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

Technical Authority for Medical Cannabis Testing - click here for more information.

Independent Testing Laboratories Certification Information - click here for more information.

Maryland’s regulatory framework for ensuring the health and safety of cannabis products is one of the most comprehensive and rigorous in the Country.


Responsible for overseeing all aspects of Maryland’s medical and recreational cannabis programs, The Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) follows strict standards and protocols to ensure the quality and safety of cannabis products grown, processed and sold in the state. This includes: (1) Requiring cannabis products are tested by an accredited laboratory for potency, purity, contaminants and homogeneity; (2) Requiring clear and accurate labeling information for all cannabis products; (3) Conducting regular inspections and audits of licensed cannabis businesses to verify their adherence to security measures, inventory controls, record keeping, product quality, labeling standards and other operational procedures.