Our Process

Medical cannabis grown in full-spectrum sunlight, extracted with cutting-edge science and delivered fresh to your local dispensary.

  1. 01
    Hundreds of premium cannabis genetics are protected and cared for in SunMed's mother plants.
  2. 02
    Leaf cuttings are taken from mother plants and rooted under precise environmental conditions.
  3. 03
    Vibrant, healthy plants are transplanted into our unique basket pot and grow under a long day of natural sunlight.
  4. 04
    The light cycle is switched to a short day of sunlight enabling flowers to fully bloom. Each Flower Room is powered by full spectrum natural sunlight and supplemental LED lighting.
  5. 05a
    SunMed harvests thousands of plants per week with a dedicated greenhouse team that takes special care of each plant as it makes its way through the cultivation process.
  6. 05b
    Harvested plants will either hang dry in one of our climate controlled dry rooms; or vacuum sealed, flash frozen, and stored in our cry freezer for use in live resin products.
  7. 06
    Plants are then de-budded and cured by our highly skilled extraction technicians, during which they are closely monitored to ensure potency and flavor are preserved.
  8. 07
    SunMed's pot-harvest team hand-trims every bud destined for dispensary and also ensures only the highest quality flower is used to craft our concentrates.
  9. 08
    SunMed Labs utilizes state-of-the-art extraction technology and scientific processes to create live and cured resin concentrates, vapes, infused products, and edibles.
  10. 09
    SunMed's unique packaging is designed to preserve the freshness of both flower and concentrate products, while meeting all safety standards and regulations.
  11. 10
    Our team of transporters travel across the state to deliver SunMed's promise of "continuity of care," ensuring our products are available at your favorite dispensary.
  12. 11
    The final product is a natural, sun-grown medicine for Maryland Patients. Our greenhouse tripled in size in 2020, making us the largest cultivator in the state.