The Sun-Grown Difference.

Studies have shown that cannabis grown in natural sunlight can provide a more diverse range of therapeutic compounds compared to flowers grown in artificial, indoor lighting, making it the preferred choice for people who prioritize clean and holistic products and more natural treatment protocols for chronic illness and pain. Full-spectrum sunlight can also enhance the development of THC, terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids to deliver a more robust terpene profile and a fuller bouquet of cannabinoids for cannabis connoisseurs and sustainability-focused people alike.

Our commitment to sustainability

  • Closed-loop, zero runoff irrigation
  • Natural, integrative pest management
  • Renewable, organic soils
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling systems

Good for the planet


SunMed Growers is constantly evolving our greenhouse technologies to drive more sustainable biological processes, operations and products that lower our carbon footprint and help our customers do the same. Our state-of-the-art greenhouse allows for precise control of the natural elements while reducing the energy resources required for indoor cultivation.

Natural vs. artificial sunlight


While indoor cannabis cultivation can produce higher yields and quality for some strains, it requires a lot of energy to artificially maintain the temperature, humidity, lighting cycles and air ventilation required of the plants. Relying largely on natural sunlight for cultivation reduces the amount of energy required to grow healthy plants while allowing us to lessen our carbon footprint.

Advanced greenhouse technology


Our Dutch-style greenhouse, developed across generations of Van Wingerden family farmers, cultivates clean cannabis packed with rich terpenes and complex flavor profiles made possible by full-spectrum sunlight. Equipped with the most advanced technology – and the most committed team - in the industry, our flowers receive optimal natural light transmission and some old-fashioned TLC to craft the best buds under the sun – literally.