SunMed’s motivated and professional staff has a combined 70 years of horticultural growing experience. Everyone has an important role to play in the Greenhouse and the Lab. We share a commitment to personal and professional growth, to our plants and to growing the purest medical cannabis in the industry.

Greenhouse Team

While our state-of-the-art greenhouse is the heart of SunMed operations, we believe that even the most technologically advanced systems are just tools. It is our people that make the difference. The dedicated members of SunMed’s greenhouse team drive the production and care of the highest-quality medical cannabis available for Maryland patients.

SunMed operates year-round, which means we do not work within standard planting and harvest seasons. Instead, our greenhouse teams are organized and trained around each unique part of the cultivation process. For example, different teams are trained in propagation, where we root our new clones; in vegetation, where our plants grow stronger and taller; in flower, where plants bud and ripen and in other processes like transplant, harvest, and de-leafing.

While we welcome prior knowledge in plant care, horticulture, or even cannabis specifically, team members who join SunMed without industry-specific experience are provided with robust training, support, and opportunities for growth.

Post-Harvest Team

When a plant has finished growing, our cultivation process is only getting started. The post-harvest team cares for plants once they have completed harvest and are rolled into one of our temperature-controlled environments for drying and curing. From there, flowers are bucked, hand-trimmed, and sorted by quality to determine their final destination as either a pre-packed cup, pre-roll, or bulk weight for dispensaries. To match the scale of production in the greenhouse, SunMed utilizes several automated technologies that require skilled technicians, from pre-roll production to induction seals, to flash freezing. Like the greenhouse, while the core of post-harvest work is in manicuring the buds, there are many individual processes that team members can be trained in to suit their talents and interests.

Labs Team

With SunMed Labs, Maryland patients can now buy our own in-house brand of extracts and concentrate products at their local dispensary. Utilizing the most advanced extraction and manufacturing technologies, SunMed Labs transforms our natural, sun-grown medicine into potent budders, batters, shatters, and crumbles, as well as vapes and infused pre-rolls. SunMed Labs is also constructing its own stand-alone facility that will be home to a commercial kitchen, along with large extraction and post-processing spaces. The space will be home to one of the largest edibles manufacturing spaces in the country and provide endless possibilities for new infused products in the future. Our skilled extraction technicians and packaging teams power all of these exciting processes.